The verb mettre is irregular. Listen carefully to its forms in the present.

mettre  ‘to place, put’
je mets nous mettons
tu mets vous mettez
il/elle/on met ils/elles mettent
past participle : mis

Mettre literally means ‘to place, to put.’ It is also used in the following expressions:

mettre la table (le couvert), to set the table
mettre + article of clothing, to put on
mettre + electrical item (radio, light), to turn on

Other verbs like mettre include:

admettre, to admit
permettre, to permit
promettre, to promise
remettre, to turn in (a report), to postpone

table for the party

Tammy: Tex, tu mets la table pour la soirée? Tammy: Tex, are you going to set the table for theparty?
Tex: Non, je n’ai pas envie. Tex: No. I don’t feel like it.
Tammy: Ça alors. C’est toujours moi qui mets la table. Tammy: Come on, I’m always the one who sets the table.

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